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Unique groomsmen gift ideas

Weddings are steeped in tradition, and one of the more enjoyable ones is the custom of gifting members of the bridal party. With regard to picking out tuxedos and planning the wedding, grooms may not spend as much time with their groomsmen as brides do with their bridesmaids. But that does not mean grooms don't want to go above and beyond when gifting their groomsmen. The following are a handful of unique groomsmen gift ideas.

• Guys' day out: While it's customary to gift groomsmen with mementos of the wedding that they can keep for years to come, there's no law forbidding grooms from gifting an experience. Grooms can book a guys' day or night out for after the wedding, buying each groomsmen a ticket to a ballgame and paying for dinner for the whole crew. Or consider a more adventurous outing, such as a group bungee jump or whitewater rafting trip. Provide a memento by ordering a handful of specially designed commemorative T-shirts.

• Commemorative photo: Many grooms ask relatives and friends they have known for much of their lives to be their groomsmen. So it's not uncommon for groomsmen to know each other very well. If each member of the party has known one another for years, grooms can try to find a photo of all of them together when they were much younger. Have the photo professionally framed, noting the date of the wedding with an engraving on the frame. If each groomsman is from a different period in the groom's life, then the groom can find a photo from early in each relationship to present as a gift.

• Commemorative beer: Many grooms and groomsmen bond over beer, so grooms who have raised many a pint with their groomsmen might want to create their own commemorative beers to show their love and appreciation for their best guy friends. Many craft breweries offer brewing classes that teach beer afficionados the finer points of making beer. Grooms can attend such classes on their own and create their own batch specifically for their groomsmen or pay for the whole group to attend the class together.

• Movie poster: Grooms with a creative side and a love of movies can create movie posters that mimic those of iconic guy films like "Goodfellas" or "Animal House," swapping out images of the film's stars with likenesses of themselves and their groomsmen. Have the finished products framed before presenting one to each groomsman.

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