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Bridal Guide

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Wedding website dos and don'ts

Technology continues to infiltrate all areas of life. So it should come as no surprise that apps and digital organization play a prominent role in many couples' weddings. Couples may now feel it is necessary to design a wedding website to keep their guests up-to-date.

Though they're useful when planning a wedding, websites are not a must-have, according to bridal etiquette experts. However, those who choose to delve into the world of wedding websites can keep these pointers in mind when navigating.

DO use the wedding website as a central hub for putting pertinent information about the wedding that may not be covered on invitations or save-the-date cards.

DON'T ignore the potential for identity theft and privacy. Wedding websites can put quite a deal of personal information out for public consumption. Not only will the website advertise when the wedding takes place (when your home and the homes of all your guests will be empty), but also it could include birthdays, maiden names, and other information that would normally be more difficult to track down.

DO use a wedding website provider that gives you the option to password protect your website. Urge guests not to share this protected information with others.

DON'T caption engagement photos, bachelorette party photos and more with dates and names on the wedding website and on other social media.

DO skip the wedding website if you are strongly opposed to it. When properly composed, a wedding invitation will convey all the pertinent details. A group email or phone calls can alert guests to any changes after the fact.

DON'T forget to link to gift registries.

DO use the wedding website to collect responses and then make a table seating arrangement online. This will help you stay more organized and streamlined.

Wedding websites are yet another tool couples can use to stay organized as they plan their weddings.

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