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What to consider when choosing a quality doggy daycare

From cuddling to catching tennis balls, dogs require social stimulation and sufficient exercise.

To keep your fur family member healthy and happy it is important to choose a quality doggy daycare that can provide a positive environment along with adequate attention, stimulation, and activities.

Whether you're away at work, heading out on vacation or a business trip, here are just a few benefits doggy daycare/hotels have to offer:

· Exercise: Dog daycare provides much-needed exercise and socialization for your pup. From regular walks and playing fetch to open run time, daily exercise is vital.

· Playtime: Most dogs enjoy playing with other puppies. Dog daycare provides an opportunity for your pup to socialize with other pets in a controlled, supervised environment. Owners themselves often struggle with properly supervising playtime, but trained attendants ensure a controlled environment.

· Human Interaction: Your dog relies on your attention and support each day. Since your pup is so accustomed to human interaction, he or she will feel quite lonely without it. At dog daycare, there will be qualified staff there to keep your pet entertained and happy.

· Boredom Relief: Understandably, you don't want to leave your dog cooped up all the time indoors. Dog daycare provides some much-needed boredom relief for your furry friend, whether you're headed for vacation or just want to ensure your dog is taken care of in an enriching environment while you're at the office. Daily activities are included in doggy daycare. Often these include pool and sprinkler time, chasing bacon bubbles, or running through agility tunnels, trampolines and tires.

· Peace of Mind: It's easy to feel guilty about leaving your dog in a kennel, or with a friend who may not have the time or energy to give your pup the exercise and attention he or she needs and deserves. By bringing your fur family member to doggy daycare, you can be sure they are well taken care of. Charming Paws ensures your pet has a comfortable clean environment.

· Dog Hotel: Unlike a traditional cramped kennel facility, Charming Paws offers individual drywall bedrooms for each pup. The design of this type of facility affords the opportunity to offer an above and beyond experience!

· Grooming: Regular grooming is important for all breeds and coat types. Professional groomers are able to provide the required maintenance your dogs coat needs. It is important the groomer you choose is patient and kind to foster a positive grooming routine.

Charming Paws in West Bend, WI provides a clean, quality, and loving facility. To learn more about these services for your pup, call today at 262-334-8793 or visit www.charmingpawsllc.com. You are welcome to stop by for a tour and to inquire more!

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