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Owning a Pet

How to keep pets safe in winter weather

The arrival of cooler temperatures sparks various changes. Chilly air and precipitation can be dangerous, especially to pets that are...

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What to consider when choosing a quality doggy daycare

To keep your fur family member healthy and happy it is important to choose a quality doggy daycare that can provide a positive environment...

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Recognize and relieve sources of pets’ stress

Stress can affect anyone, even household pets. Although life may seem footloose and fancy free for companion animals, they have their share...

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How to banish pet odors from a home

Dogs, cats, birds, and lizards have evolved from wild animals and outdoor companions to become beloved, largely domesticated members of the...

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Fascinating facts about felines

Many cat owners are fascinated by their feline friends. Cats can be quirky, and their behavior often amuses their owners. But there is more...

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How to introduce a new pet to existing pets

Many people are excited by the prospect of introducing a new pet into their homes. In the midst of such excitement, it can be easy to...

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Recognizing separation anxiety in dogs

Dogs that appear stressed or nervous when their owners leave the house or even the room may be experiencing a common problem known as...

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Want healthier kids? Get a pet

If youngsters have been eyeing fuzzy kittens or boisterous puppies at nearby shelters or pet stores, parents may want to give in to those...

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6 reasons to spay or neuter pets now

Upon adopting a companion animal, one of the first decisions pet parents should make, advise veterinarians and animal welfare experts, is...

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Pets and the planet: How to become an eco-friendly pet owner

Pets provide much joy to their owners, who are often willing to do whatever it takes in an effort to reciprocate the unconditional love...

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Shopping for a well-dressed dog

Dog lovers go to great lengths to ensure their pets have everything to keep them healthy, safe and comfortable. Many dog owners extend...

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After losing a pet, when is it time to love again?

The passing of a pet can be an experience similar to losing another important member of the family. Even though the loss is inevitable, it...

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