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Pet Care

Wondering what brand of pet food to use?

"If you think the number of brands of dog and cat food you see in the store is overwhelming, you should see what we as retailers experience...

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How to care for your senior dog

Dogs mature at faster rates than human beings. While many have heard the rule that every human year equals seven dog years, the reality...

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How to care for aquarium goldfish

Parents eager to instill a sense of responsibility in their children may turn to pets to facilitate such lessons. But dogs or cats may not...

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Dogs and water safety

Dogs have solidified their places in many families. Nowadays, more and more dogs accompany their pet parents on trips to the store,...

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Potential threats to pets in your yard

Pets love to roam free, and homeowners with outdoor space often let their pets get some exercise and play time in their backyards. While...

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Safety first when traveling with pets

Pets' love is unconditional, so it's no wonder that pet parents want to keep their beloved animals by their side as much as possible. Pet...

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Recognize and treat common pet parasites

Cats and dogs are beloved members of the family, and when they aren't feeling well, it can put a damper on all family activities. Parasites...

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Should pets eat a grain-free diet?

When touring pet food aisles at the pet store or the supermarket, pet owners may become overwhelmed by the options at their disposal. Many...

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Identifying flea bites

Dogs that are itching themselves are often assumed to have fleas, but dog owners who want to be certain that the cause of their pooches'...

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