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Things to consider before giving pets as gifts

The blissful image of a young child or a significant other receiving a pet as a holiday gift compels many shoppers to give pets as gifts...

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Entertaining in a pet-friendly home

Pet lovers often find their companion animals to be the center of their worlds. Data from the ASPCA says approximately 44 percent of all...

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Wondering what brand of pet food to use?

"If you think the number of brands of dog and cat food you see in the store is overwhelming, you should see what we as retailers experience...

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How to care for your senior dog

Dogs mature at faster rates than human beings. While many have heard the rule that every human year equals seven dog years, the reality...

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How to keep pets safe in winter weather

The arrival of cooler temperatures sparks various changes. Chilly air and precipitation can be dangerous, especially to pets that are...

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What to consider when choosing a quality doggy daycare

To keep your fur family member healthy and happy it is important to choose a quality doggy daycare that can provide a positive environment...

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